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These tanks are £35 each + £1 P&P for the UK, ROW P&P at cost See the Home page for ordering information

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Wholesale is available Expect for Greece,Ireland and Malaysia as I already have distributors in these countries


Tanks mixed colours

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Just click the link above to see my looking after your tank video

“Unique” Cartomizer Tanks

Hi All!! I started making vaping accessories in 2011. My first adventure was making unique drip shields for 510 atty’s.  A friend in America was one of the first people to get my unique drip shields and she introduced to the lava tank. The lava tank was designed by JonboyUSMC ; an inspirational design combining the top cap and tip into one piece with a matching bottom cap. It was such a great idea!.  Jon was contacted and told we would be making a unique version of his design so more people world wide could enjoy a wonderful, easy way to vape with the bonus of vaping through a unique work of art. Jon agreed he can’t keep up with the demand and had no objections. Thank you Jon!

The unique difference between the “Lava tank” and our “Unique tank” is each top cap is a different style with its own unique personality; and because they are hand turned, rather than being turned using a CnC  lathe. By using a CnC lathe you achieve a level of repeatability that is impossible to get when turning them by hand. However; we feel we have something to offer in the individual styling that is possible to achieve when turning by hand. 

The top and bottom caps on our “Unique Tanks” are made in a variety of colors and patterns with new colors already on their way. In an effort to stay away from the lava tank colors, I found a Polyester material that has food safe certificates and is used for a variety of purposes from buttons to baby’s teething rings and although not as flashy as some of the acrylic blanks that are available I feel confident supplying a product that has a proven track record.

The tube is made from a Borosilicate glass material that again has food safe certificates and has the added advantage of being resistant to most of the tank cracking juices. It is a little more brittle than polycarbonate or acrylic but again I feel this is the right material to use.

We are using X type rings giving a double seal between the caps and the tank body, the carto seal is provided by a standard O-ring. Each tank comes with back up o-rings.

Remember these are truly the definition of “made by hand.” Expect minor differences. Each tank has its own unique personality and you will have the only one.

“Unique tanks”. Please feel free to give us your feedback at any time and I hope you see something you like.
I am based in Cumbria 30 seconds from M6 J40 and if you would like to visit the workshop and pick up a tank you are more than welcome.

When you need to replace the cartomizer it is good practice to put a skinny drip tip in the carto with some juice on the tip and use this to get the sharp edge of the carto passed the inner O-ring without cutting the O-ring. The carto needs to be punched ½” or 12mm up from the shoulder; I put 2 or 3 holes in mine and find this works well.  

Filling your Unique tank.

I would always recommend having the carto attached to an old disused mod/battery when removing and replacing the top cap, this will stop any possibility of the carto being pulled/pushed through the bottom cap,   Do not forget to leave enough space for the top cap to go in when you top up your juice. Just insert the top cap against the first ring, turn the tank upside down and push home the cap giving it a twist as you do. The trapped air will then be expelled through the punched holes. Then take the tank off the mod and blow it out, this will clear the cartos center tube of any juice.  

Looking after you “Unique Tank” could not be easier.

Take it to bits every now and again and wash it out with warm soapy water, dry it off and reassemble. Fit a new carto (having pre-filled the carto, of course, you do not want burnt carto taste) fill it up and off you go again. I have been using one of our tanks for many months at the time of writing this and the finish just keeps getting better with handling, but if you would like to shine up the top and bottom caps then rub between finger and thumb will make it shine .  Treat your “Unique Tank” with care, it is not indestructible, don’t force things and it will give you many happy hours of vaping.

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